What is Free-to-Air Satellite TV?

Perhaps you have heard a little about people getting access to free satellite television programming. Want to know more? TV-Providers.com encourages viewers to keep up with technology news and furnishes some information on the subject with frequently asked questions on Free to Air satellite TV. We’ll also discuss how DISH Network TV provides a clear advantage over Free to Air satellite TV options.

Is it possible to get free cable television?

For as long as there has been cable, there have been people devoting themselves to trying to find a way to get it for free. Cable television and its technology have been active since roughly 1948. If you do an internet search of the words free cable television, you’ll find tips on how to illegally hack into cable. If you want legal free cable television, then the answer is no.

How is Free to Air satellite TV free?

Free to Air satellite TV or FTA is only considered free to those who are using the word free to mean that a monthly fee or subscription charge is not assessed and paid by the viewer. Is it entirely free to receive your channels via Free to Air satellite receivers and a DISH Network over the air antenna or other satellite dishes for sale? No.

What costs are incurred by attempting to have Free to Air satellite TV?

The appeal of Free to Air satellite TV is the same as that of free cable television, the absence of monthly bills from a service provider. However, one does have to factor in the cost of the equipment. You’ll need Free to Air satellite receivers and a DISH Network over the air antenna. This equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas with DISH Network new, first time customers receive an antenna and a free upgrade for and HD DVR receiver and up to 2 additional HD receivers.

What do I need to know about Free to Air satellite receivers?

For those who are curious about technology news, it’s very likely that you’ve heard about Free to Air satellite TV. To access FTA satellite TV, you need Free to Air satellite receivers. These receivers are special in that they are able to receive more than 3000 channels. They are easy to find and cost around $150 to $400 for HD.

What kind of TV am I going to get with my DISH Network over the air antenna?

Once you get your equipment all set up, you’ll get FTA TV channels. There are master lists of FTA channels online and you’ll see that these are not the channels you have become familiar with in your TV history. There are channels devoted to religion, foreign news channels, regional government channels and more.

Can Free to Air satellite receivers replicate DISH Network programming?

The channel packages from DISH Network are designed to cater to everyone in your household. They assemble the top sports, news, movie, entertainment and family programming. You can’t get the Nickelodeon and Bravo and the NFL RedZone with FTA TV.

How the benefit of the DISH Network over the air antenna is also its negative?

You won’t get the usual channel favorites that you get from DISH Network. Over the air antenna systems are unique because they capture thousands of channels from all over the globe. However, what this means is that a significant number of the channels will not be in English. There are channels in Arabic, Thai, Lithuanian, Kurdish and more.