DISH Network Offers Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite TV

Monitoring and Maintaining DISH Network Signal Strength

DISH Network has built a reputation on its signal reliability of 99.9% ( 99.99% signal reliability applies to transmission of DISH Network signal to customers. Reception may vary for individual customers.), which many will agree is quite impressive. Because the infrastructure of cable is different than satellite TV, dishes–also known as the parabolic dish antenna–receive much of the care and attention. With cable, it can be a long hard process, trying to determine where in the line the problem is. Perhaps it’s an amplifier. Maybe the cable is pinched somewhere or frayed.

Satellite and TV were made for each other. DISH Network prides itself on its technologically advanced, though relatively simple equipment. The parabolic dish antenna on your property needs an unobstructed view of the southern sky. DISH Network satellite TV dishes need to be connected to the receivers.

The strength of the signal is all in the design and shape of the parabolic dish antenna you’re using. You may have some questions about how you can improve your signal strength and maintain it. Read further on troubleshooting satellite and answers some frequently asked questions on the matter, which is important because it affects your enjoyment of your favorite shows.

Free-to-Air Satellite

Since satellite and TV go together so well, it makes sense that one can hardly drive through any suburb without seeing satellite TV dishes on rooftops. You’ve probably walked on the shadow of a parabolic dish antenna mounted on the side of a city building.

This fact of this ease contributes to the rise in popularity of the use of satellite TV dishes and receivers to gain what is called free-to-air satellite TV. Dishes and receivers are available for purchase so why do you need a service provider? Is free-to-air satellite TV a fit for you and your viewing needs? How does it work? Do you need any other equipment besides a parabolic dish antenna? There are, no doubt, a number of questions people must have about FTA satellite television. Reading the full article on will answer some pertinent questions for you as you continue to consider your home entertainment options.