Compare Offers: Cable Versus DIRECTV And DISH Network Offers

Cable television has been around since 1948. Satellite began beaming overhead around 1962. The cable versus DIRECTV® and DISH Network® battle has been more pronounced in recent years and each has strengths to lean on.

Cable providers count on the fact that people are generally uncomfortable with change. They imagine that it is up to satellite DISH/DIRECTV providers to lure away cable customers and, ultimately, people will want to simply keep what they already have. Therefore, you won’t find a lot of offers for free cable TV programming or free cable TV equipment.

However, Cable providers should be worried about DIRECTV. HD package plans from DISH Network are getting tougher and tougher to beat, but DIRECTV poses a threat to cable television because they have more than 50 million customers in America.

DISH Network Deals New Customers Love – Watch Out Cable Providers!

Satellite television, while not the incumbent, does offer enough benefits that when people move residences or re-evaluate their entertainment budget; they do seek an alternative that provides more value. DISH Network deals new customers love, involve free Premium programming, free equipment upgrades and more. wants readers to be aware of the satellite offers that lead to essentials being free. Cable TV companies should take note as well.

Satellite DISH Network, DIRECTV And Cable Introductory Offers

Are satellite DISH, DIRECTV and cable TV offers real and useful? Or, are they just for things people don’t actually need? The answer is satellite television offers are very real and people should take advantage of them.

In the cable versus DIRECTV and DISH Network battle of special offers, it is satellite television that creates the most opportunities for savings. Satellite TV providers are happy to have promotions for free programming, upgrades, equipment, even installation. These are the essentials that can make your home entertainment experience go from good to great. does want you to know that with any television provider, it is important to read the fine print on all offers. Some satellite DISH/DIRECTV deals are for new, first-time customers only. In order to qualify for some introductory prices, there may be a service agreement necessary.

If you can find free cable TV, it won’t last for long. Keep in mind that these offers last for a limited time only. Unless you feel like changing companies each year, it’s important, when choosing a provider, to study the prices you will pay, after the introductory prices return to their regular rates.

DISH Network Deals New Customers Can Get Excited About

DISH Network works hard to customize special offers for its customers. Unlike with cable providers, the DISH Network deals new customers get are designed to support a viewer’s desire to save money throughout the life of his experience with DISH Network.

New, first-time customers get free standard professional installation in up to 6 rooms. DISH Network also offers their channel packages at a special price, which you can lock down for 12 full months with 24-Mo. Agreement.

If you examine cable versus DIRECTV versus DISH Network with regard to equipment offers, the DISH Network deals new customers get are unmatched. DISH TV gives new, first-time customers a free HD DVR upgrade and up to 2 additional HD receivers free of charge, for a total of 3 free HD receivers.

One of the best-received DISH Network deals new customers take advantage of is the one for free Premium programming. DISH Network offers BLOCKBUSTER Movie Pass with qualifying packages and 3 premium channel packages (HBO, Cinemax and Starz) free of charge for 3 full months when you order your DISH Network package. What better way is there to know if Premiums are for you than to try them?

DISH Network has rewards for loyal customers who refer DISH Network to others who subscribe and offers for viewers who move to a new residence and want to take DISH Network with them. There is also a steady stream of free programming throughout the years. Read more about it on

Like Promotions From Satellite DISH Network, DIRECTV Sweetens Their Deal

It makes sense to look at cable versus DIRECTV. They are two major players in the industry. However, DIRECTV does have satellite technology on its side. Satellite TV simply brings you more while having the ability to charge you less. You can indulge in the advanced experience brought to you by a DIRECTV HD package for, generally, less than what it costs you to maintain those miles and miles of cables.

You can, in fact, get a DIRECTV HD package with a nice variety of channels and, with a qualifying channel package (a Choice Xtra plan or higher), you can get one free HD DVR upgrade and one free HD receiver. Not as generous as the offer from satellite DISH Network, DIRECTV still does, however, give new customers free essential equipment. Do some research and try to find free cable TV boxes. It’s not so easy. It is, in fact, hard to find out what you will pay with cable.

A DIRECTV HD package is not all DIRECTV has to offer. They too offer a premium channel selection free for 3 months to new customers.

Offers From Cable Providers Are Few And Far Between

Examine Comcast Cable for the purposes of comparison. Unlike many other cable providers, Comcast does have special prices for customers who purchase cable services online. Their pricing structure is, however, a bit complicated. Satellite TV companies usually give you a deal on their channel packages and give you a chance to pay that special rate for a whole year.

Comcast rates for new subscribers are presented as such:

  • Digital Starter – $29.99 for the first 6 months, $49.99 for the next 6 months and then $59.35 for every month after the promotional period.
  • Digital Premier – begins at $84.99 per month for months 1-6, bumps up to $104.99 every month for months 7-12 and then you’re left paying $131.35 for as long as you stay with Comcast.

In the first 2 years with Comcast, the Digital Premier subscriber will pay $2716.08 just for the channel package. Make sure you look at how much the boxes will cost and installation and everything else that contributes to the very real bottom line.

Reasons To Stay: Cable Versus DIRECTV And DISH Network

While special offers may be enticing, encourages you to select your television service provider based on what you want to watch (maybe you like the DIRECTV HD package) and how you want to watch it (maybe you prefer the Duo receivers from DISH). After determining, for instance, that the DISH Network channel packages suit your household’s interests best, it’s imperative to understand what the regular prices are. There are two DISH Network plans whose regular price is less than the cheapest plan from DIRECTV. Comcast’s Digital Starter has a regular price that is higher than all three of those. You will want to watch television in your home for more than twelve months. Make sure you can still afford to when the honeymoon is over.