The Challenge of Cable TV/Satellite TV Comparisons.

Cable TV? Satellite TV? Pondering the options? compares the two possibilities by taking a tour of the channel packages and plans that are offered. Customers should read further to get acquainted with the pricing, selection, HDTV add-ons, fees and more.

The wealth of information on the internet and the speed at which consumers are able to access that data fosters an environment where most people do a little research before they make a selection like cable versus DIRECTV® or DISH Network®. Maybe you’re looking at cable/satellite HDTV options?

There is much to be said about the ease of navigating through the sites of DIRECTV and DISH Network (cable TV sites have more obstacles). Unlike with cable providers, the offers of packages and equipment and services are clearly shown for all satellite visitors to see. Researching cable TV online is more complicated. Therefore, drawing a cable versus DIRECTV versus DISH Network comparison is a challenge.

Researching Cable TV Online Is Not As Easy As Examining Satellite TV.

Because of its infrastructure and the resulting limitations, cable providers don’t even know if they will be able to provide you with service at your location. Thus, when you attempt to study cable TV online, you have to jump through some hoops first to even access info. For our purposes, we will use Time Warner cable vs DIRECTV vs DISH Network. makes it easy to, for instance, compare Offer by price. With cable TV, online you’ll see prices are not easy to find and you’d have to hunt to find the fees. You may have to go through the process of ordering before you would see what you’d have to pay, which is not the easiest way to window shop.

Channel Packages:  Cable Versus DIRECTV and DISH Network.

DISH Network recognizes the desire to compare offers by programming at In the Time Warner cable vs DIRECTV vs DISH Network battle:

  • DISH Network offers 6 packages in English
  • DIRECTV offers 4 packages in English
  • Time Warner cable offers 1 customizable package

Unlike with cable TV, satellite TV providers showed their packages, stated their promotional and regular prices and clearly listed exactly what channels you’ll get in each, without having to go through the order process. Whether you’re sifting through DISH Network, cable TV or DIRECTV, a programming guide can help you decide, which is best.

Channel Selection From DISH Network, DIRECTV And Cable TV.

Viewers want to know what channels they will get to watch and what it’ll cost them. DISH Network packages are easy to find and get to know. You can get, essentially, the same channels from satellite and cable providers. The favorites are there. So, the cable versus DIRECTV versus DISH Network war may boil down to cost, service and availability.

The Cable/Satellite HDTV Possibilities.

Whether you are learning toward cable TV, satellite TV or FTA TV, if you have an HDTV, you should be thinking about adding HD programming. Weigh the cable/satellite HDTV options.

  • DISH Network has 200 HD channels
  • DIRECTV has 160 HD channels
  • Time Warner Cable vaguely states that they have “tons” of HD channels

What’s the price of HDTV from Time Warner cable vs DIRECTV vs DISH Network? Despite the fact that there is no additional HD charge for cable, satellite HDTV providers believe their $10 per month fee is a real value. Perhaps, unlike DISH Network, cable TV has a reason for making their HD free. Are they the channels you want? Find out more about cable TV online.

Equipment: Time Warner Cable vs DIRECTV vs. DISH Network.

You can’t do a cable TV/satellite TV face-off without comparing equipment. It’s a huge part of the experience. Cable providers will vary in terms of the technology of their boxes. However, is doing a Time Warner cable vs DIRECTV vs DISH Network comparison.

  • DISH Network has 5 HD receiver models
  • DIRECTV has 2 HD receiver models
  • Time Warner Cable has 2 HD receiver models

Fees To Factor Into The DISH Network, Cable TV and DIRECTV Study.

When checking out the cable/satellite HDTV upgrade, get the facts. DISH Network offers a free HD DVR upgrade and gives new first time customers up to 2 additional HD receivers for a total of 3 free receivers. DIRECTV offers free upgrades with qualifying packages. Time Warner offers free HD service, but may charge for the equipment.

Cable TV? Satellite TV? You May Not Have A Choice.

Your decision regarding cable versus DIRECTV versus DISH Network may be easier than you thought. Cable TV doesn’t service all neighborhoods. And if you find cable providers, they may not be ones you trust. This is why their sites won’t let you in without entering your address. Satellite television has the advantage of not being tied down by any cables. You just need a clear path to the sky.